Stand – D31

KONYA SOGUTMA (Konya Refirgeration) ; It is one of the leading companies in Turkey operating in the sector for more than 20 years, providing cost-effective, low energy consumption, application solutions in accordance with European norms to its customers in the field of cold storage and cooling systems.

Our aim; We always serve our customers with an honest, principled and quality-oriented manufacturing approach in order to be a reliable and sought-after brand in the sectoral market.

In addition to meeting customers and generating sales, HVAC R will provide the opportunity to connect with other companies or contractors who can help our business grown and find new customers in the UK This could be suppliers, new services opportunities, whatever our company can make the most of. Directors and managers often attend trade shows so We have the chance to mix with industry leaders and grow our business network. It will be one our best experience to develop our business. We know exactly how to show our best at HVAC R in London. we would like to thank to every single person who organised this excelent platform.