HVACR Live is made up of four distinct components to make it a truly one-stop event for the HVACR professional.

The Conference is at the heart, providing legislation updates, key area training, contentious topical debate and complex issue analysis. Keeping up to date with what’s happening now and in the future makes this an essential event to attend for anyone involved with HVACR.

Skills set up the workforce for the future, no matter how experienced – but we all have to start somewhere and apprenticeships are the most critically important way to get young blood into the industry. SkillFRIDGE is one of the most important initiatives to support young people coming into the industry, to highlight the possibilities to other young people coming up behind them and to raise the skill level of the entire industry. To promote this, HVACR Live will be hosting a SkillFRIDGE ‘superheat’ with apprentices demonstrating their skills.

The Expo is showcasing manufacturers, suppliers and distributors from around the world, giving HVACR professionals from all walks the chance to engage and explore opportunities old and new.

Networking is key, because building relationships is crucial in HVACR, so spaces are available throughout the event to ensure those opportunities can be maximised. There are open spaces to have those semi-formal chats or chance meetings, private pods to hash out agreements or cement deals and an exclusive formal evening event to meet new people, shake hands and create bonds.

Whatever you need, be it acquiring knowledge or skills, finding business, seeing product or having places to meet, HVACR Live is the place for it all.

Keep an eye on social media (Twitter, LinkedIn) for regular updates and check out the new look website for what’s on: www.hvacrlive.com

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