The Problem?

The customer had an existing traditional galvanised system with branches supplying air through drum diffusers 6.0m down into the occupied zone.  This system wasn’t delivering air effectively over the space, creating uneven temperatures around the building. Additionally, the building has two distinct areas one with large machines, and the other with rows of work benches where occupants sit and undertake delicate work with component manufacture.

Reason why fabric ducting was chosen

Recommended to the customer by their consulting engineer to resolve this situation, we worked with Nevil Duke to establish a customer brief for each area.  Mr Duke chose Prihoda because he knew we would create different air patterns along the same length of ducting to serve each area with the volume and velocity required. We took the opportunity to provide more air over the seated occupants by reducing the air volume through the earlier part of the ducts which delivered air around the machines.  We used 20mm diameter flame retardant fabric nozzles for delivering air at 0.40m/s to the machine area and rows of 4.0mm diameter laser cut perforations to feed air over the occupants in the seated area.

The Result.

The new Prihoda Fabric Ducting system has created an even temperature pattern across the factory and a much more pleasant working environment with reduced air velocity and much better temperature control.

The fabric system inflates beautifully, and the bright colour has had a very positive change to the aesthetics in the space.

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